Root Canal Therapy Can Save an Infected Tooth

man with infected toothRoot canal therapy can salvage a severely decayed tooth, avoiding the need for extraction. Dr. Chayne Coston of Harlem Center for Aesthetic Dentistry can determine if you require root canal therapy, and if necessary, our endodontist can carry out the procedure in our office. Your endodontist will remove infected or damaged soft tissues from within your tooth and tooth roots, preserving the healthy exterior. If you are experiencing pronounced dental pain, contact us right awayRoot canal therapy performed at our New York office may be the solution for you.

About Root Canal Therapy

Before performing your root canal, your endodontist will administer local anesthesia to maintain your comfort. Next, the doctor will create a small hole in your tooth to access the infected tissues. These tissues contain nerve tissue and blood vessels, and are commonly known as "pulp." Infected pulp is gently removed from your tooth, and the empty pulp chamber is thoroughly sterilized. Next, the endodontist fills your tooth with a rubber-like material called gutta percha to provide support.

Once your root canal therapy is complete, you will more than likely need a dental crown. Your tooth, though now free from infection, will be structurally weaker after your treatment. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that covers your entire tooth, protecting it. Dr. Coston will take impressions and photos of your treated tooth and surrounding teeth, and send it to an outstanding local laboratory. Technicians will craft your crown by hand to ensure a proper fit and a natural appearance. Creating a dental crown usually takes about two weeks, and Dr. Coston can provide a temporary crown in the meantime.

The Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can save the healthy portions of an infected tooth, avoiding the need for extraction. Left untreated, an infection within the soft tissues of your tooth can spread, affecting your gum tissue, adjacent teeth, and jaw bone tissue. 

Another important benefit of root canal therapy is the elimination of painful symptoms. As infection spreads within your tooth, it can cause painful abscesses and sores that may be visible or hidden within your gums. You may experience sensitivity when you are speaking, chewing, or simply resting your jaw. Patients often experience immediate pain relief once these infected tissues are removed. If necessary, your endodontist can prescribe antibiotics to address any remaining infection.

In addition to saving a tooth that has become infected, root canal therapy can save teeth damaged by physical trauma. Root canal therapy may be recommended if your tooth has suffered a substantial crack or chip. These injuries can cause the pulp within your tooth to become swollen and painful. Just as with an infected tooth, your endodontist can remove these tissues to preserve the healthy outer structure of the tooth.

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Root canal therapy can be a comfortable, conservative, and effective way to avoid losing a tooth affected by advanced decay or trauma. To learn more about how you can benefit from root canal therapy, contact Harlem Center for Aesthetic Dentistry today.

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