Mini Dental Implants are a Less Invasive Alternative to Traditional Implants

Mini dental implants provide excellent support for dental restorations, and require less extensive surgery than traditional implants. They have a smaller diameter than traditional implants, and can benefit those who have experienced some degree of bone atrophy and would normally require a bone graft. Dr. Ernest Robertson, a skilled dentist who was trained in implantology at the Misch International Implant Institute™ can determine if mini dental implants are right for you during a consultation at our New York, NY, dental practice.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

A mini dental implant is a titanium screw-like device that acts like the root of a tooth. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball. The denture or other restoration has a retaining fixture that acts like a socket to achieve a precise fit. While traditional implants require special incisions and can require multiple surgeries, mini dental implants are inserted directly into the jaw through the gums, and can often immediately support a restoration. With mini implants, there is no need for sutures and the months of healing required for traditional implants. 

In the months following mini implant placement, a process called osseointegration will occur. The bone tissue will become fused to the titanium, forming an incredibly strong bond that keeps your restorations firmly in place. Dentures secured with mini implants are stable and give denture wearers a feeling of greater security and confidence.

traditional implant vs mini dental implant

Mini implants have a smaller diameter than traditional implants.

Candidates for Mini Implants

Mini dental implants can be a good option for patients who have waited to replace missing teeth and have experienced some jaw atrophy in the meantime. While traditional implants might require a bone graft under these circumstances, a mildly compromised jaw may be able to support mini implants without a bone graft. Mini implants are often suitable for providing lower-arch denture support. They are less invasive and usually less expensive than traditional implants. In many cases, they can be restored the same day as surgery. Dr. Robertson can help determine whether this implant solution is right for you. 

Mini implants are a minimally invasive alternative to traditional implants, as they are inserted directly into the jaw through the gums.

It is important to understand that mini dental implants have substantially lower bite force tolerance than standard implants, which may make them more likely to bend or break over time. Also, the mini implants cannot be used in an area of the jaw with inadequate vertical bone, or an area affected by extensive bone atrophy. Meanwhile, patients who grind their teeth might not be candidates for mini dental implants.

At Harlem Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we employ state-of-the-art technology such as 3D cone beam scanning to evaluate your jaws and make the right dental implant treatment recommendation.

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